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The Dutch Guy

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Who is The Dutch Guy?


I am Michel 'Mick' Huijs born and raised in The Netherlands. My Father is Italian from Rome, i still have a Brother and Sister still living there, just after kinder-garden till early teenager i lived in Aachen Germany and then again in the Netherlands. In 1997 i moved to Belgium (all Europe), after the Military and schooling i started to work in the Movie, Theater and Music industry. I worked as a light tech, gaffer, set assistant, the art department- did decorations and stints as assistant SFX, as theater tech in a few Opera productions and on tour with a few bands and so on...

In the early 70ths (yes still as a kid with a brush in a hand) and 80ths i started to paint houses, back then i specialized in garage doors and kids rooms with Action and- or Walt Disney figures, later Clients asked me to do Skylines and sculptures in their living room, bedrooms or gardens. I decorated and designed Restaurants, Hotels, Bars, Shops and even Rave Party's. As we actually need to go to school to become painters  - it takes 2 years in the Netherlands to get certified, i'm sure that by now i can do a pretty nice job.

About 15 yrs ago i decided to go back to painting full time, wether Interior or exterior in one or multiply colors, i managed to satisfied all my former clients in Europe. In 2014 i got married to Anne from Milwaukee, by September 2015 i moved to the US and on June 1st. 2016 i started The Dutch Guy. By June 2017 i had to upgrade as i couldn't handle it any more alone. Goes fast in the US when you deliver quality results. I started with residential only, but by now i also do commercial. We paint, stain and drywall.

As a Dutch Guy i prefer Dutch Paint and here Fine Paints of Europe does the Job for me in the US, as i was already a Certified Master Painter in the Netherlands(Europe), since November 2017, i'm also Certified in the US and me and my Team do the best we can, to serve my new Clients in the US with our skills.

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