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Who is The Dutch Guy?


I am Michel 'Mick' Huijs born and raised in The Netherlands. My Father was a native Italian from Rome, as well as my Brother and Sister that still live there. After kinder-garden till early teenager i lived in Aachen, Germany. At the age of 16 i moved back to the Netherlands, where i start working and fulfilled my Military service. In 1997 i moved to Belgium (all Europe). I started to work in the Movie, Theater and Music industry. I worked as a light tech, gaffer, set assistant, art department- did decorations and stints as assistant SFX, as theater tech in a few Opera productions and on tour with a few bands and so on...

In the early 70ths as a kid with a brush in a hand and 80ths i started to paint houses. I specialized in garage doors, kids rooms with Action and- or Walt Disney figures, later Clients asked me to do Skylines, sculptures in their living room, bedrooms or gardens. I decorated and designed Restaurants, Hotels, Bars, Shops and even Rave Party's. As we actually need to go to school to become painters  - it takes 2 years in the Netherlands to get certified, i'm sure that by now i can do a fine job.

About 18 yrs ago i decided to go back to painting full time, Interior or exterior, i managed to satisfied all my clients in Europe. In 2014 i got married to Anne from Milwaukee, by September 2015 i moved to the US and on June 1st. 2016 i started The Dutch Guy.  By now 2019 i'm working with my buddy Marco from Perez Construction who is a qualified carpenter and an excellent painter, he also does concrete driveways or builds a garage so now and then. But mostly he remodels houses and helps me out whenever it's needed. We do residential, commercial, paint, stain, drywall carpentry whatever comes along.

as a Certified Dutch Master Painter in the Netherlands (Europe) i stand behind their oil products in the US as is did in Europe.  We also use Ilva Coatings and VeroMetal as preferred paint.As a Dutch Guy i prefer Dutch Paint and here does the Job for me in the US,

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